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Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio Scales

Understanding levels of measurement in statistics. A simple introduction to Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio Scales

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Correlation Coefficients

Learn about correlation coefficients and correlational studies. Get an introduction to relationships between variables.

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Survey Questions - Ultimate Guide

Learn how to write survey questions that produce insightful and reliable results.

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How to make a survey

Simple step by step guide on everything you need to know in order to publish your first online survey

Survey Templates

Survey Examples

Stuck writing your survey? Checkout these survey examples to gain a little inspiration.

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How to Improve Response Rates

Top research backed tips on improving your survey response rates.

Quiz Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Start analyzing customer satisfaction with our free template. Includes 10 questions which can be modified as well as the benefits of conducting a customer satisfaction survey.

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Quiz Quickstart Guide

Includes guides on how to get started and answers to common quiz questions.

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Employee Satisfaction Quiz Guide

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Use our employee satisfaction quiz with this free template. Modify and add questions to suit your needs. Includes tips and benefits of surveying your workforce.

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Online Polling Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer commonly asked questions about everything from poll fraud detection to email account recovery. Check out our FAQ before contacting us.

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How To Make A Poll

A simple step by step guide to creating your first online poll. Includes considerations you need to keep in mind before publishing.

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