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Poll Maker Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Tip - Create a Free Account

Want to edit an existing poll? Download your results to CSV? Start and Stop polls and much more? You can do so much more with your polls when you create an account.

How can I edit my existing polls?

Before you can edit a poll we need to verify that you are the poll owner. To do this signup for an account (which is completely free). This way you and only you can edit your poll. If you're creating your first poll you can signup for an account on the 'Share Poll' tab at the top of the poll maker. You will now see all of the polls you've created. Hit the 'Edit' button to edit your poll. Unfortunately if you haven't created an account you will be unable to edit a poll.

I have lost the link to my poll results?

If you've signed up for a free account you can select the 'Dashboard' option from the menu and access all of your previous polls. If you didn't sign up for an account then you can still retrieve your poll by going to the Account Dashboard and selecting 'Claim a Poll'. If you are still not able to retreive your poll this way then contact us with your details as well as a link to your poll.

How do I hide results from my poll voters?

On the 'Settings' tab of the poll editor simply select 'Do no show results after voting'

How do I add multiple questions to my poll?

If you need multiple questions in your poll, use our Quiz Maker or Survey maker which has all the features of the poll maker (+ more) and allows unlimited questions and responses.

My poll does not embed on my website?

The poll code you copy and paste to your site contains Javascript. Occassionally your website editor will remove Javascript when you post it to your website, or the Javascript your site uses can interfere with ours. In our experience polls receive just as many votes when a link is posted directly to the poll so do consider this as an alternative to embedding. Feel free to get in contact with a link to your site and the problem as almost always it can be resolved.

How do I change the look and feel of my poll

The layout of the poll can be completely customized to suit your preferences. Hit the 'Theme' tab after entering your Poll questions, browse the themes or hit the customize button to use our Themes Editor to make and save your own.

How do I allow people to select more than one option

In the 'Settings' tab tick 'Voters can select multiple answers' and your voters will be able to tick multiple options in the poll before they click 'Vote'

How do I export my results to Excel / CSV / HTML?

First you need to have signed up for a free account before creating your poll or on the last tab of the poll creator. Once you're ready to export your results simply access your 'Account' page from the drop down menu. Click the poll question from your list of polls and then click the 'Data' button to open the download results dialog.

How do I include images/media in my polls?

Our poll editor allows images, video and full formatting of poll question and options. Click the image icon to the right of the row within the poll editor to load the Advanced Editor.

Are polls live?

Your poll results are live and represent up to the second voting. There are no limitations on how many votes you can receive, or how fast you receive them.

How do I allow people to only vote once per hour/day/week etc...

On the 'Settings' tab change the drop down to 'Block or Limit multiple votes' (Medium security is recommended). Two new boxes will appear allowing you to select how many votes to allow per time frame (can by all time, hour, day, week, month or year). You can change this option from your Account at any time (even after the poll is published) and your results will be updated live to reflect the rules you select - no votes are ever lost by changing the rules and changing them back will restore them.

Can I send Voters a Unique link or code that they need to vote

If you tick the option 'Voters have to enter a unique code to vote' then on the 'Share' tab click the 'Unique Codes' link at the top and you will be able to download the codes, or you can download them as direct links to your poll with the code already in them. You can use this feature to send unique links out to your voters via email and then match the codes back up with their email address once they have voted.

How do you prevent vote fraud / multiple votes?

Fraudulent voting is an issue we take very seriously. We have developed several approaches to combat fraudulent voting including fingerprint technology which ensures each person is only able to vote once. We also look at vote rate, voter location, IP address, browser and many more factors. We review vote fraud daily and continue to improve our detection algorithms. If your poll is set to allow multiple votes per person and you wish to change it, you can do so from your account by clicking the poll and then clicking the "Secure" button.

Can I remove votes that I think are incorrect?

Yes, from your account you can view your voters grouped by IP Address, Browser, Location etc... You can also search for and remove specific voters based on these factors - your results are then updated live.

Some of my votes have been removed?

If you notice votes have been removed from your poll it is because we've identified automated fraudulent votes. We do this to ensure your polls are accurate and represent the true voice of your audience. Fraudulent poll votes (ie: those done by a computer or script and not by a human) are removed within seconds of being added. If you believe your poll contains fraudulent votes wait a few minutes and refresh your results. If you suspect your poll contains fraudulent votes we haven't identified please get in contact.

I have a question that isn't answered above?

Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page or leave a comment with your question below:

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