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Sharing / Publishing Poll - Poll Help

Embed your Poll in a website

It is possible to embed your poll directly into your own website or blog. To be able to do this your website or blog needs to allow you to post SCRIPT tags to it - if the system you use to host your website or blog strips out or blocks you from posting SCRIPT tags then the embed code will not work.

If posting the code as you usually do doesn't work, many systems have a separate section where you can directly add HTML code, check the reference and help sections of the system you use and look for words like 'Source Code', 'HTML' or 'Advanced'.

Getting your Embed Code

On the 'Share' section of the Share tab, after you have saved your Poll, you will find a blue 'Embed' link at the top of the tab - click it to go to the Embed section. The box labeled 'Code' contains the code you need to post to your website or blog. You can also use the controls under the code box to change how your Poll is embedded as explained below.

Embed Types

Compatible: This is the default option and the most likely to be the best option for you. It will work on almost all websites and blogs by automatically falling back to a compatible version of the code if your website/blog blocks the advanced functionality.

Email Compatible: The email compatible code is perfect for using in any email software that allows the sending of HTML (most of them). If you are unsure how to send HTML in an email check the Help section of your email software. If you use this code the actual poll itself will be embedded in your email and your voters can just click the answer they want to submit their vote (the 'Vote' and 'Results' buttons are not needed). If you want to track who has voted via email you can do so with Email Tracking.

Advanced: The 'advanced' option will give you two sets of code to add to your website. You only need to add the 'SCRIPT' code once on your web page and then can embed the 'Code' section for as many polls as you like. The advantage of the 'Advanced' code is that it will automatically update as you make changes to your poll and you will not need to re-paste the embed code for every change.

How does it work

If a Poll is embedded in your website it will attempt to load our SCRIPT file to manage the poll and allow the voter to stay on your page as they vote and view the results. If the SCRIPT file is not able to load then the poll will fall back to compatibility mode and still allow the voter to post their vote, however this will need to open up a new window to display the results.

Below are some of the main reasons for the SCRIPT file not loading if you are having a problem:

  • Your website management software may block the posting of the SCRIPT tag in the embed code. Often you can get around this by checking the Help section of your website management software and there may be a solution there.
  • Your visitor may have an extension that blocks Javascript on their browser
  • Network difficulty at your visitors end may be preventing the proper loading of the SCRIPT file (we use a 100% Uptime CDN so it is never at our end).

Embed Width

Set the width as a percentage of the section it is embedded in, or choose custom and enter your own width. Auto will choose the width based on the width of the area the poll is embedded in.

Embed your poll in a website or blog
Advanced embedding uses Javascript

Protect your poll with Unique Codes/Links

You can protect (and track) your poll with special unique codes. You can give these codes to your voters to control how many votes per code and track which codes have been used. Voters will not be able to access your poll without a unique code.

You can also download the codes as short unique links that you can send to voters so that they can access the poll without having to enter the code manually.

Creating your Unique Codes

To setup unique codes, first you need to change your security settings from the 'Advanced' section of the 'Settings' tab.

  1. Click on the 'Settings' tab and then click 'Advanced' in the top right
  2. Change the 'Security' drop down list from 'Allow multiple votes per person' to 'Block or Limit multiple votes: Light Security'
  3. A grey box will appear under the drop down list with more options
  4. Click the tick box 'Voters have to enter a unique code to vote'
  5. Select how many votes are allowed and for what time period
  6. Click 'Save Poll' to update your poll settings and then click on the 'Share' tab
  7. Click on 'Unique Codes' from the 'Share' tab
  8. Click 'Add/Remove' Codes and enter the total amount of codes you will need. You can add more codes at any time
    Please Note: If you add more codes by increasing the amount this will not change the original codes. If you set a lower amount then codes after that amount will become invalid.
  9. Click the download links to the right to download your codes (or to download the codes as unique links). If you have more than 100,000 codes then the codes/links will be split up into multiple files of up to 100,000 codes each.

Once you have setup Unique Codes your poll will be secured via the codes and voters can reply multiple times from the same computer/location as long as they have a valid code (that hasn't already been used to vote more than you have allowed).

Using the Unique Codes

Your voters will need to enter a code you have given them to use your poll. Their vote will then be tracked alongside that code and you can see which vote belongs to which code by exporting your votes.

If you click 'Links' to download your codes as unique links then your voters can click the link to go to your poll and they will not have to enter a code.

Setup from the 'Basic' section of 'Settings'
Download your codes as Codes or Links
Send the short links to your voters