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Your Account - Poll Help

Forgot your Password

If you can't remember your password, you can use our Retreive Password form to request a password reset link to be sent to your email address.

Forgot your Account Email

If you can't remember what email address you used to sign up with but can remember your user name you can use the second part of the Retreive Password form to login and then check your email from the Account section of the Account Dashboard

Forgot Everything

Maybe you bumped your head? It might be wise to visit your nearest Hospital or Mystical Shaman. If that fails don't hesitate to Contact Us with as much detail as possible and we will try and track down your account for you.

Retreive a lost password or account

Claiming a Poll or Quiz

If you forgot to login or sign up for an account while creating your poll or quiz, it isn't too late! From the Account Dashboard click on 'Claim a Poll / Quiz' and enter as many details of your poll or quiz as possible into the form.

In most cases your Poll or Quiz will automatically be attached to your Account and if you reload the page you will see them under the Poll or Quiz section of the Account Dashboard.

Unable to Claim Poll/Quiz

If the Claim form doesn't work feel free to Contact Us with as many details of your Poll or Quiz that you can remember and we will try to track it down for you. If the email address you use to contact us is different to your account email address, please remember to send us your account email address too so that we can properly attach your poll or quiz to your account.

Claim Polls you made before signing up

Changing your Password

You can change your password from the Account Dashboard by clicking on Account and then clicking the blue 'Change Password' button. A new window will open and you need to enter your Current Password into the top box and then type your new password in the second box, and type it again exactly the same in the third box before clicking 'OK'. You will not need to log back in after changing your password.

Change your password from the Account Dashboard