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Managing your Polls - Poll Help

Viewing your Active Polls

You can view your active polls from the Account Dashboard by clicking Polls up the top.

A list of your most recent Polls will appear in the list sorted by the most recently created. If you have a large amount of polls you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to load more of your active Polls.

Sorting the Active List

Click the column headers to sort by a different column (eg: Responses) and click again on that column to change the sort order from Descending to Ascending and back.

The up or down arrow in the top right of the column header indicates which columm the list is currently sorted by and if it is Ascending or Desending.

Managing your Polls

Clicking on a poll in the list will expand it to show a mini report of the votes and a variety of buttons that you can use to manage your poll, including Editing, Publishing, Stopping or Clearing the poll. You can also click the white refresh icon to the right of the poll question to update the poll details (such as number of votes and the mini report) without reloading the page.

Click 'Polls' to see your active polls

Viewing your Stopped Polls

Click on Polls from the Account Dashboard and change the drop down at the top right of the list from 'Active' to 'Stopped'.

Your stopped polls will load and can be managed in the same way as your Active Polls.

Change the drop down to 'Stopped'

Editing an existing Poll

To edit an existing poll, click on the poll in your Polls List and then click the ' Edit' button. You will be taken to the Account Poll Editor page when you can update your poll and then click the orange 'Save Poll' button.

Will it effect existing results?

Editing an existing poll will never delete or effect existing poll votes, however if you remove an answer then that answer will no longer show up in reports or exports of previous votes.

You can safely edit the question or add new answers and edit the text, pictures or other details of existing answers without effecting previous votes.

Edit your existing polls

Publishing an existing Poll

To access the share links, embed codes or social media sharing buttons for existing polls first click on the poll in your Polls List and then click the ' Publish' button. You will be taken to the Share tab of your poll on the Account Poll Editor page where you can find all the share, embed, email and unique code details.

Publish your existing polls

Exporting Results to Excel/CSV/HTML

  1. First click on the poll in your Polls List and then click the ' Export' button.
  2. Select the file type from the 'File Type' drop down list. A CSV File is a Comma Separated Variable file that can be imported into most applications.

    Please Note:Some versions of Microsoft Excel will show a warning message when you first open the downloaded 'Excel' file. This is due to the way the file is formatted and can safely be ignored.

  3. Change the 'Results' drop down to the type of results you require.

    • All Results will download every response to your poll even if it has been filtered out of your reports by the Poll Security settings.
    • Counted Results will download only those responses to your poll that have been allowed based on the Poll Security settings.
  4. Click 'OK' and your file will start downloading.
Download your results as an Excel File

Stopping your Poll

To immediately stop an active poll, first click on the poll in your Polls List and then click the ' Stop' button.

Stopped polls will appear in the Polls list and accessing them will show a message saying that the poll is no longer active. When a poll has been stopped it will no longer accept new votes.

Stop an existing poll

Clearing your Poll Results

To reset your poll votes back to zero and remove any existing votes you can use the Clear button. First click on the poll in your Polls List and then click the ' Clear' button. You will be asked to confirm, so click 'OK' to remove all votes.

Clear poll results back to zero

Deleting your Poll

If you want to completely delete your poll altogether first click on the poll in your Polls List and then click the ' Delete' button.

If you have previously shared, linked to or embedded your poll it is recommended that you Stop your poll instead of deleting it.

How is it different to 'Stopping'

The link (or embedded poll) for a stopped poll will show that the poll has been stopped, however the link for a deleted poll will not work at all and an embedded poll that has been deleted will show an error message.

Delete an existing poll

Deleting Individual Votes

You can delete individual votes to your poll from either the Manage Voters section or the Secure Poll sections.

  1. Tick each voter (or group of voters) you wish to delete in the tick box to the right of the row.
  2. Tick as many as you want and then click the 'Delete' button at the top right of the page. A dialog will open asking you to confirm.
  3. If you have grouped your voters with the 'Group By' drop down you can tick 'Don't delete the last vote' in the confirm dialog and the latest vote from each group will not be deleted.
Delete individual poll votes