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Frequently Asked Questions - Poll Help

How do I know who has responded to my poll?

There are a number of different ways you can see who has responded to your poll. All are accessible via your Account Dashboard - First click on the poll you wish to see then:

  • Click on Responses to View your responses
  • Click on Export to export your responses to Excel, CSV or HTML
  • Click on Results to see in depth reports

Can I track my voters by email?

Yes it is possible to track your voters by email address, you can do this by one of three different ways.

Asking my voters to enter their email address

You can ask your voters to enter their email address before they vote from the 'Advanced' section of the Settings tab.

Sending via PollMakers Email System

You can use the PollMaker Email system for free to send out your emails and the tracking will automatically be done for you - you can also use the same system to send out reminder and thankyou emails to your voters.

You can also use this in combination with the previous option and it will automatically track emails you send and ask everyone else you give the link to (outside the emails you send) to enter their email address before voting.

Sending via my own Email Software

If you embed your poll into your own email using the Email Compatible code and wish to track the email addresses of your voters you will need to have email software that allows you to dynamically embed the email address of your recipients as you send the email, or you will need to manually edit the embed code for every email that you send out and only send out 1 email at a time.

To add the email tracking code you will need to edit the Email Compatible embed code you are given to include a special tracking code. Firstly paste your code into your email (or into Notepad) and then look through for every vote URL. They will look something like this: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll258677xb49B4b97-10#A1 and there will be a slightly different link for each answer in your poll.

Add the code ?t=email@example.com before the # hash character and replace the email@example.com with the recipients email address or with the code from your email system that will add the recipients email address when you click send. It will end up looking something like this: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll258677xb49B4b97-10?t=email@example.com#A1. You will need to do this to every URL in the embed code (there will be one for each answer and they all will end in a different number).

Can I have multiple questions in my poll?

Yes you can by building your poll in our Quiz Maker instead of the Poll Maker. The Quiz Maker has a few features that are not available in the Poll Maker, such as multiple questions, scoring, outcomes, logic and live presentations.

You can actually Make a poll in the Quiz Maker to access these features and it is still 100% free and unlimited.

Can I change my poll without losing votes?

Yes you can update the questions and answers to your poll without losing votes, however if you delete an answer you will lose all votes for that answer.

You can also add new answers to your poll without effecting the votes for existing answers.

Are there any limits to voting?

There are no limits to voting. Your polls can receive an unlimited amount of votes, and our systems process millions of votes per day. Results are always real-time

Voting by automated scripts or robots is considered abuse of our systems and will be blocked and all automated votes removed - this is not for performance reasons, but because it is not in the poll creators interest to allow automated voting.

Are there any limits to polls or quizzes.

There are no limits to the creation of polls or quizzes or to the time a poll or quiz can be active for. We do not remove polls or quizzes unless they are offensive, illegal or defamatory.