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How to make a Strawpoll

  1. Add your question above, avoid using vague or biased language.
  2. Add all possible answer options. Hit the picture icon to add picture answers
  3. Click share and distribute your strawpoll to your audience
Strawpoll Security

Have confidence in your Results

We use a Google derived fingerprint technology to protect your results against strawpoll bots and other common strawpoll hacks. There is no point conducting a strawpoll if you have no confidence in the results, we ensure your results are highly accurate. Take a peek at the settings tab to dial up or down your preferred security level.

Set Start and End Times

Set your strawpoll start and end dates automatically. Got a time sensitive strawpoll question you wish to start and end automatically? Setup your start and end times on the Advanced section of the settings tab above. Your startpoll will automatically start and stop and be sensitive to various timezones.

Strawpoll Timer
Strawpoll timer

Run one Stawpoll on Facebook, Twitter and more

On the share tab you'll see a number of ways to share your strawpoll. Post a link directly to facebook, twitter or embed it directly on your website, this allows you to engage audiences from everywhere to sample the largest possible number of views and opinions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do strawpolls last?

You may run your strawpoll for as long as your audience is engaged. We do not set limits on the length of time a strawpoll may run. You may wish to run a monthly strawpoll to compare opinions over time or check your graphs to see how sharply voter engagment is falling. In our experience 5-7 days allows enough time for most strawpolls to reach adequate vote counts.

Can I edit my strawpoll?

You can manage existing strawpolls by logging into the Dashboard. You'll be able to copy, delete and even manage the security of your existing strawpolls.

Can I hide results?

You may wish to hide the results from your strawpoll voters in order to reduce manipulation and hacking. Hit the settings tab above to see the option to do this.

Can I create a stawpoll with pictures?

Yes simply hit the image icon next to either the question or answer options in the strawpoll maker to upload or search for images.

How do I run a strawpoll on my website?

When you hit share you'll see an option to embed the strawpoll on your website. Copy and paste the embed code directly into your content management system to run the strawpoll on your website.

Ho do I run a strawpoll on facebook

Yes our strawpolls are compatible with facebook. Simply grab the link for your strawpoll on the share page and post the URL to facebook.

What is a strawpoll?

A Strawpoll is an informal means of measuring interest and opinions for a particular question. Strawpolls often lead to more formal polls in which you engage a wider audience with stricter security measures and apply sampling tests to ensure your poll represents the views of your audience. It is believed the term strawpoll derived from the practice of holding a straw in the wind to see which direction the wind is blowing.

Are strawpolls accurate?

We aim to improve the accuracy of your strawpoll by implementing a number of security measures to prevent voter fraud. We utilize a Google developed digital fingerprint to identify voter manipulation and remove these votes from your results. You may control these measures using the ‘Settings’ tab above.

Tips to make your strawpoll successful

Avoid loaded questions

A study showed a picture of a basketball player and asked half of an audience ‘How tall do you estimate the player to be’ and the other half ‘How short do you estimate the player to be’ the average height varied by 6 inches. Try and keep the language in your strawpoll neutral.


Show all possible answer options

Your strawpoll should container all possible answers otherwise you risk skewing results towards an option which isn’t representative of your audiences views. Fortunately we allow you to have an ‘Other’ option in your strawpoll

Use pictures

Don’t ask questions your audience has already answered. Attention is precious commodity online and our own data has show straw polls with pictures command approximately a 30% higher engagement rate.


Use the Strawpoll Dashboard

Log into the Dashboard to manage your strawpoll. You copy and edit existing strawpolls if for example you find a typo or an excellent answer option you have not already considered

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