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How to Create an Online Form

1. Add Questions

It takes only minutes to build a free online form by adding your questions. We cover all the basic question types including uploading files, images and logic branching

2. Tailor Look and Feel

Want your Form to meet the exact look and feel of your existing branding? Easily tailor the look and feel, set security options, email users and much more

3. Share & Report

Embed directly on your site or share a link. Reporting is intuitive and includes features like filters to make the hunt for actionable info a breeze.

AI Powered Form Builder

Publish your Form in Minutes

Craft your forms effortlessly with our intuitive form builder: add questions, customize design, and launch. Optimized for all devices, your forms work seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktops—embed on your site or ours with just a click. Prefer a hands-off approach? Let our AI-driven builder create the perfect form for you instantly.

AI Sentiment Analysis - Become a Data God!

Elevate your survey insights with cutting-edge AI powered sentiment analysis. Break free from the confines of traditional analysis by incorporating sophisticated sentiment evaluation techniques. Transform your analysis and discover the full story your data tells.

AI Powered Form Results Analysis
Integrate Form Responses

Works with your Apps

Seamlessly connect your forms to your business ecosystem. Effortlessly sync submissions with your favorite tools—email marketing platforms, project management apps, CRMs, cloud storage solutions, and beyond, utilizing our form builder's 150+ integrations. Transform data flow and enhance efficiency with every form you create.

Collect Payments in Seconds

Streamline online payments effortlessly. Sell products, process fees, or gather donations directly via your forms. Our form builder enables secure transactions, making it simple to get paid instantly.

Collect Payments with Forms

Powering Millions of Beautiful Forms

Create your Form Above and See Why

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How to increase online form completion rates

Gamify with Visual Elements

Interactive elements like sliders, star ratings, or visual selections transform the form-filling experience from mundane to engaging. These playful components allow respondents to interact with the form in unique ways, such as visually indicating preferences or levels of satisfaction, thereby enhancing user engagement. Utilizing these elements can make the process more dynamic and enjoyable.


Shorter Forms Win

Optimizing the length and structure of your form is crucial for maintaining user interest and increasing completion rates. Break down longer forms into multiple shorter pages or sections, and clearly indicate progress with a progress bar or section headers. This makes the form seem less daunting and helps keep users motivated by providing a sense of achievement as they advance through the sections.

Allow Save and Return

Incorporating auto-save functionality can significantly reduce frustration and increase completion rates, especially for longer forms. This feature ensures that users' progress is saved as they go, allowing them to pause and return to complete the form at a later time without losing their entered data. You can enable saving on the settings tab above, users will be emailed a link to their saved form for later completion.


Incentives for Completion

Providing an incentive for completing your form can be a powerful motivator for users. This could be access to exclusive content, entry into a giveaway, a discount on future purchases, or a summary of the insights gained from survey results. Whatever the incentive, ensure it's relevant and valuable to your target audience. Clearly communicate what the user will receive in return for their time and effort, and deliver on that promise promptly upon form completion.

Form Maker FAQ

How to make a fillable form in PDF / Word

There are several reasons to avoid creating a fillable form in either PDF or Word. The primary issue is that both of these form types require apps to be installed on your form takers' device. Another reason to use a dedicated online form creator is that if you need to update your form by correcting typos, adding or removing questions, you do not need to redistribute your form to all your participants. Online form creators show start and finish completion rates, have significantly higher completion rates, and can be completed on all phones, tablets, and PCs without additional software.

Create a form using a free online form maker like the one above, Google Forms, JotForm or Typeform, and others. Simply add questions and generate a link to share directly with your form participants.

How to make a QR code for an online form

A QR code is a great way to improve completion rates for application forms, feedback forms, and other forms by conveniently allowing people to quickly launch your form from a mobile phone. To create a QR code for your form:
  • 1. Add your form questions above and hit the share tab.
  • 2. Enter an email address and password if you haven't already signed in.
  • 3. You will see an option to download and print your QR code on the share tab when signed in.

How to make forms anonymous?

You will have access to the questions contained in your form and only this information. User privacy is heavily protected by both modern web browsers and GDPR rules in Europe, and so you will not be able to see identifying information such as IP addresses and digital signatures. If you want your form to be anonymous, ensure you are not asking for identifying information in your form, such as email addresses and names, and reassure users that no personal identifying information will be collected in your online form.

How to make a copy of a form?

You can make a copy of a form in two simple ways.
  • 1. Simply copy and paste the questions into the above editor.
  • 2. If you want to make a copy of an existing form, from within the Dashboard hit the ellipsis next to the existing form and select copy.

How many questions should a form have?

Determining the optimal number of questions in a form is crucial for maintaining high completion rates. Research indicates that the balance between gathering necessary data and respecting respondent time is key. Respondents typically spend about a minute on the first question and a total of 5 minutes for a 10-question form. The time per question decreases as form length increases, impacting data quality due to satisficing. Source.

How to make a printable form?

Printable forms are great when you need to provide participants with hard copy versions of online forms. To create a printable form, simply add your questions above, hit the Share tab to view the link to your form, and hit print. Background styles will be removed to ensure your form is printer-friendly.

How to embed a form on your website?

To embed a form on your website, you need access to your content editor like WordPress or Drupal and code to copy and paste from an online form editor.
  • 1. Choose an online form maker that allows for embeds, such as the above.
  • 2. Add your questions in your chosen form maker.
  • 3. Hit the preview button to ensure your form works as you wish.
  • 4. Hit the share/publish button and then the embed button.
  • 5. Copy and Paste the code from the above step into your content editor and publish.
  • 6. Test the form by taking it to ensure your form participants' experience is as you desire and you can access and interpret results.

What is an AI Form Creator?

An AI form creator allows you to instruct AI to create your form. Instead of figuring out which questions you might want to include in your form or browsing thousands of form templates, you might provide a prompt to an AI form generator that will help it to automatically build a form for your unique requirements. Let's say you're the owner of a high-end Michelin-starred restaurant looking to obtain feedback about your service. You could use a generic restaurant template, but it would likely be designed to apply to all restaurants. You could instead provide a prompt to an AI form generator like the following: "We're a high-end Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Tokyo. Please provide a Japanese form designed to obtain feedback about all 6 courses with a focus on the restaurant ambiance, staff, and dessert selection." AI will be able to create an online form tailored for that experience. While you may still wish to edit the form, it will likely be a much better starting point than a generic form.