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"I have developed a range of quizzes. They are very effective in lead generation. My leads soared by 500% within 2 weeks! I also use quizzes in my consultancy, where clients complete them and then I can focus my coaching and consultancy. This has helped me retain clients."

Dr Sharon Xuereb Zenith CTC

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work?

You get full access during your free trial. There are no restrictions, and you have no obligation to continue beyond your trial. We won't bill you until your trial is complete. You may cancel at anytime during the trial and you won't be charged a thing. To Cancel simply log into the Dashboard go into the 'Account' section and hit Cancel Subscription.

What happens if I exceed my limit?

Your account will be paused and you'll be able to upgrade within the Dashboard immediately. We will not remove access to your data.

Why should I upgrade from the free version

There are several important features you can access when you upgrade.
  1. Run more than 1 poll
  2. Embed Polls and Quizzes on your website
  3. Hide results from voters
  4. Access the Dashboard to manage your existing Polls and Surveys
  5. No ads or branding on your content
  6. Access fraud and spam detection to ensure your responses are real responses
  7. Access to support
  8. Love it or leave it, no contracts or catches

Do I need to pay for the annual version?

We find that customers who can commit to a full year of using Poll Maker end up developing more effective content in the long run. If you'd like to pay month by month click here.

How are responses counted?

A response is a unique quiz completion that has passed our security and spam checks. The response limits are account wide. We do not count partially completed or auto submitted responses.

What kind of support is available?

As a paid subscriber you'll have priority support available to help you build and publish your own quiz. Everything is pretty easy to use but if you need a hand with something tricky we generally respond within 24hrs

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major cards as well as Paypal

Is technical knowledge required?

Not at all. Our editor is a simple point and click process which requires absolutely no coding or tech experience. We pride ourselves on being the most intuitive and strait forward editor. We're also here to help if you need a hand.

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