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We've delivered over 45 million poll results to some of the biggest sites on the web

Have your poll exactly
The way you want it

Our poll creator is the most extensive and customizable poll creator on the web. You won't need any programming knowledge to tailor your poll to exactly what you have in mind, simply point, click and publish in seconds.

No one likes to wait
Why speed matters

74% of people leave sites that take longer than 5s to load. Polls see sudden and massive bursts of traffic which slow and even kill some poll creators. We've delivered polls with 500,000+ votes without any increase in average load speed.

Always up, always secure
Your visitors expect it

With 99.99% uptime for over 6 years know you won't be burdened asking people to vote again. Don't worry about malicious voters destroying your poll, we automatically implement a myriad of click detection checks.

Works on everything
Here's why that matters

Traditional desktop computers now represent only 30% of Internet traffic. Your poll must work on the tablets, smart phones, netbooks and notebooks that your visitors are using. Our responsive designs do just that.

Polls include all types of media

Now with Pictures, Videos and More

Simply click either the question or option boxes in the poll creator and then hit the 'advanced editor icon' to include any kind of media in your polls. You can also format your text to meet just about any polling requirement. Allow voters to enter their own options by hitting settings and then 'Voters can tick 'other'

Manage All Your Polls and Export Results

Sign up for a free account to manage all your polls in one place. This way you can edit existing polls, change options after you've published and even export your results to a spreadsheet. Signing up for a free account also allows you to hide your results so you can publish and update to your visitors when voting is finished.

Heatmaps visualize poll votes

Heatmaps Show Votes by Location
Visualize Your Audience

Heatmaps show where your poll generated votes by location. Zoom in to the city level or out to see poll vote traffic by country. Like all features heatmaps are provided completely free and without limitation.

Use Our Poll Templates
or Design Your Own

Your poll can look and feel like it is tailored for your site ensuring you engage and convert visitors into voters. If one of the templates doesn't meet your requirements design your own with our easy to use editor. No coding or programming required.

Live Graphs show poll results

Live Results
In Clear Concise Graphs

Live graphs show your poll results immediately in easy to understand and read bar graph format. But final results don't always reveal the whole picture. The longitudinal graph provides a visual representation of poll votes over time.

Connect With Poll Voters

Free integrated facebook or traditional comments allow your poll voters to provide immediate feedback and discuss results. Social share buttons encourage your poll voters to help spread the word

Checkout These New Free Features

By clicking the 'Settings' tab, and then 'Advanced' you can now:

  • Collect an email or custom field from voters
  • Randomize the question order
  • Add a start and end date for your poll
  • Change Vote and Results button text
  • Much much more

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