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You've seen the lights now vote for your favorite!
You may vote only once for your favorite
home and business in each town.

Duluth area (Please select 1 home & 1 business)
1920 Springvale Rd
2835 Exhibition Dr
402 W Faribault St
3727 Carlton St
3604 Decker Rd
422 93rd Ave W
4410 Vermilion Rd
3737 E 3rd St
4707 Gladstone St
828 Lupine Dr
401 S 71st Ave W
21 N 93rd Ave W
Solutions Insurance Agencies
4723 Chesney Rd
2907 W 15TH ST
534 West Orange Street
3045 Hutchinson Rd
601 North 14th Avenue E.
Superior (Please select 1 home & 1 business)
2319 Susquehanna Ave
2101 E 3rd St
1215 Central Ave
2012 Missouri Ave
2217 Pennsylvania Ave
606 E 5th St
1107 N 7th St
3114 Hughitt Ave
425 31st Ave E
6007 Banks Ave
2015 Wyoming Ave
6712 Tower Ave
1301 Weeks Ave
2017 Central Ave
1111 Lincoln St
636 N 23rd St
22 Billings Dr
Jack's Place
Capri Bar
Angie's Closet
6411 Hughitt Ave.
1830 East 10th Street
5076 E Conley Rd. South Range, Wi
3020 N 19th St
869 26 1/4 St Chetek, Wi
5223 E 1st st
2019 Missouri ave
Wine Beginnings
1515 N 54th St.
SS Meteor
2911 E 7th Street
1901 New York Ave Apt S402
Friends of Edna G
Cloquet (Please select 1 home & 1 business)
7249 Industrial Rd
804 12th St
2206 Washington Ave
911 Carlton Ave
Hanft Fride P.A.
Frandsen Bank and Trust
Up North Insurance Agency, Inc.
2408 Selmser ave.
Reliable Insurance Agency
400 Ridgewood Dr
Wood City Lights & Hardware
909 south oak street
1401 Avenue C
327 Freeman Rd
Entries from other cities (Please select 1 home & 1 business)
1742 Highway 2 Two Harbors, MN
603 7th Ave Two Harbors, MN
Friends of the Edna G, Two Harbors, MN
855 Stanley Road Two Harbors, MN
5022 Thompson road, Hermantown, MN
25 Flynn Street Esko, MN
Master Category (Please select 1)
2319 Susquehanna Ave, Suerior, WI
2015 Wyoming Ave, Superior, WI
Favorite Town (Please select 1)
{"name":"2018 Christmas Lighting Challenge - Take the Quiz", "url":"","emurl":1,"txt":"It's a Christmas tradition for many to hop in the car and go out as a family and enjoy the many lighting displays across the Northland. In an effort to create a list of lighting displays and have some fun, we have brought back the Christmas Lighting Challenge.","img":"","accounts":"","hash":"#christmaslightingchallenge #asweetevent #onlyinminnesota"}