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How well do you know Exo and Endonucleases?

What does USER stand for?
Uracil-Specific Excision Reagent
Uridine-Site Excision Region
Designates a USER-friendly enzyme
Uridine Specific Enzyme Reagent
The following is a structure of which enzyme?
Exo V
Exo I
Which enzyme has the most subunits?
T7 Exo
Lambda Exo
None of the above
What common nuclease blocking modification was recently discovered to be a natural epigenetic modification in some bacteria?
CpG methylation
Phosphorothioate bonds
2’-O-MethoxyEthyl ribosides
arsenate diester bond
How are exonucleases named?
Based on its activity
Based on subunits
Based on phenotypic properties
All of the above
What was the first exonuclease to appear in the 1977 NEB catalog?
Lambda Exo
Exo I
Exonuclease III
Exo T
Which exonuclease, similar to PlasmidSafe, will remove smeared chromosomal DNA background (or sheared linear DNA) from a plasmid prep?
ExoV, also known as RecBCD
Lambda Exo
Exo T
None of the above
{"name":"How well do you know Exo and Endonucleases?", "url":"https://www.poll-maker.com/Q44DD7W","txt":"New England Biolabs scientists created a quiz to test your nuclease knowledge.","img":"https://cdn.poll-maker.com/45-1476379/screen-shot-2019-09-03-at-2-19-57-pm.jpg?sz=1200-00000000001000005300","accounts":"@nebiolabs","hash":"#restrictionenzymes"}