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Bulletin/Newsletter Survey (thanks to Ken Thomas for this week's idea)

Does your congregation have a church bulletin or newsletter
We ...
had one but stopped publication of it within the last ten years
had one but have not had one for years
have never produced a church bulletin/newsletter
We stopped publication because
of cost
of manpower to produce it
it wasn't being read
we did not believe it be be effective
Please Specify:
Our bulletin/newsletter is primarily:
a news source for the church
a teaching tool
a tool for new guests
a combination of each of the above
Who has the responsibility for producing the bulletin/newsletter?
Another Minister
A paid secretary
A volunteer
If you do not fully produce the bulletin/newsletter...
Do you contribute articles?
Do you proofread the bulletin?
Do you proofread the bulletin?
Are you the editor?
Is the bulletin and its contents someone else's responsibility?
I do it all
Have you EVER had full responsibility for the content and production of the bulletin/newsletter?
Our bulletin/Newsletter is
Handed out at services
Mailed to homes
Mailed (or e-mailed) outside the congregation
Provided on the internet or via email
Both mailed and emailed
If your bulletin/newsletter is on the internet is it:
A complete edition?
An edited edition?
A bulletin/newsletter which has no personal information about members?
A bulletin/newsletter which is available only with a password or members only section?
Ours is not online
{"name":"Bulletin\/Newsletter Survey (thanks to Ken Thomas for this week's idea)", "url":"https://www.poll-maker.com/Q3UGYJJ","txt":"Does your congregation have a church bulletin or newsletter, We ..., We stopped publication because","img":"https://www.poll-maker.com/3012/images/ogquiz.png"}