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Give Everyone a Voice and not just a Vote

Start a Conversation and Learn what People Really Think

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How it works

  1. Ask your Question and ShareType your question in the above box and share the link with your audience
  2. People Share Thoughts and Rate Others Participants share and rate the thoughts of others (before seeing the overall results)
  3. See the Best and Worst Ideas See what people think and more importantly what matters most to your audience overall
All voices treated equally

Listen to Everyone
Not Just the Loudest

Everyones voice is equal and everyone is heard, a truly level playing field. Let the best ideas rise to the top, not just the loudest. We shuffle and give each thought equal exposure when ideas are rated. The result is that the quality of a thought is what matters most and you get to understand your audience in a way that Polls and Surveys can't touch.

The Only Way to
Listen Without Bias

In order to truly listen without bias you can suggest answers to people as is the case in Polls and Surveys. What you list as answers, the order and language you use all have a tremendous impact on results. You also can't show people the popularity of ideas before rating other ideas, this too will impact results. Our conversations give each though equal rating opportunity, get insights into the most complex questions in minutes.

Create Engaging Online Conversations
Increase engagement over Polls and Surveys

5X More Engagement
than Polls & Surveys

Our data as a Poll and Survey provider shows online conversations have a 5x greater engagment level. Surveys have their place but they don't produce the beautiful quick and transparent insights online conversations do. When given a voice people feel is heard by others the result is much higher engagement levels. If listening to your audience is key polls and surveys just won't cut it.

Stop Getting Lost in Data
Powerful Insights Fast

Want everyone to feel included in an important decision without getting lost in a sea of word clouds, complex reports and endless data? Simply ask your question and gather the consensus from your audience in a matter of minutes. No complex reporting just highly accurate insights and intelligence.

Deliver Data insights faster
Scaling an online conversation

Scale Conversations
from 5 to 5,000

A conversation between 5 and 5,000 take no extra time or effort on your part. Regardless of the size of your audience everyones voice still matters and the insights are still only minutes away. In fact as the size of the audience increases so too does the statistical power of the insights gained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are thoughts anonymous?

People are less likely to share thoughts when they may be personally judged for doing so. We verify identities to ensure no one can share or vote more than once but their identities remain anonymous because what matters most is the thought, not who is sharing it. This results in substantially higher engagement and ultimately improves the quality of what is shared.

Can this improve retention?

One of the most significant factors in organistations with high retention is that stakeholders feel heard. In person meetings can be dominated by a select few, politics and in group dynamics can filter out the most important voices and hide group consensus. For organisations serious about inclusion this technology provides a very real opportunity to improve employee satisfaction.

I don't want to crowd source my organisation

While it is similar in certain ways our platform is not crowd sourcing. This is a platform about being heard and understanding the consensus view of a group of people. The most popular ideas are not always the best ideas and so we don't believe in handing over all decisions to the platform. It is however important for people to be involved in the decision making process and for that there is no better technology.


Avoid loaded questions

A study showed a picture of a basketball player and asked half of an audience ‘How tall do you estimate the player to be’ and the other half ‘How short do you estimate the player to be’ the average height varied by 6 inches. Keep the language in your question as neutral as possible.


Show Inclusion Matters to You

Rarely is their an opportunity for everyones voice to be treated equally. Leadership serious about inclusion have the opportunity with this platform to give everyone equal footing where what matters most is the quality of the idea and not the identity behind it.

Ask what Needs Asking

Online conversations are a great way to learn what is at the forefront of your audiences mind. Inclusion also means learning what matters to your audience before giving them the platform to discuss and engage. Ask your audience what issues need to be discussed, what is holding back your organisation or what you could be doing better.


Act on your Insights

Let your audience know they're heard if you want them to keep sharing. Act on your insights, share what you intend to do and show gratitude for the voice of those that have shared. You can't always act on the insights provided, this doesn't prevent people from feeling heard. Let them know what you've learned regardless of the next step.

Join the Conversation