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Which songs would you like to hear at our Halloween Bash (October 24th)? Pick up to 11 songs.
Taken Over - (The Perception)
Vanguard - (The Perception)
Eighty-Six - (The Perception)
Rawhide Rodeo - (The Perception)
Against All Odds - (The Perception)
The Color 9 - (The Perception)
Katfish - (The Perception)
Down to Nothing - (The Perception)
To The Death - (The Perception)
Dublove- (The Perception)
Truth Be Told - (The Perception)
Trinity - (Elements)
Under Blue Skies - (Elements)
Leviathan - (Elements)
Cosmic Dreams - (Elements)
Silk Sheets - (Elements)
7-10 - (Elements)
New Enemy - (Elements)
Shiva - (Elements)
V. City - (Elements)
Pushed Beyond War - (Elements)
Death By December - (Elements)
Letters To The Dead - (Elements)