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Match of The Year
Last Man Standing Terrell Kenneth vs Nick Sullivan (Immortal Things)
Brian Pillman Jr. vs Tyler Vincent (Immortal Legends)
Terrell Kenneth vs Nick Sullivan (Immortal Legends)
Brute VanSlyke vs Terrell Kenneth (Captain Immortal)
Billy Gunn vs Tyler Vincent (Captain Immortal)
Christina Marie vs Leyla Hirsch vs Masha Slamovich vs Veda Scott (Immortal Things)
Christina Marie vs Holidead (Up In Smoke)
JT Dunn vs Jaxon Stone (Up In Smoke)
Richard Holliday vs Brute VanSlyke (Immortal 08)
No Holds Barred Axel Lennox vs Lenn Oddity (Redemption)
Jay Freddie vs Cloudy (Immortal 08)
Garrett Holiday vs Joe Gacy (Up In Smoke)
Robo the Punjabi Lion vs Mike Verna (Halloween Havok)
Bobby Ocean vs Kevin Blackwood (Redemption)