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Which world will you like to see in a next Kingdom Hearts Game
Moana - the Islands and Ocean
the Black Cauldron - Pydrain
The Jungle Book- the Savage Jungle
Hocus Pocus - Dark Nighborhood
Descendants - Auradon
a Bug's Life - Ant Island/Bug City
Zootopia - Zootopia
Robin Hood - Sherwood Forest/Nottingham
Coco - La ciudad de la música y los muertos
Final Fantasy - Midgard
God of War - Sparta Chaoslands
Star Wars - Death Star
Star vs the Forces of Evil -Mewni
Family guy - Disney Universe Griffin Family House
Galatic Amberwaves
Live-action Beauty and the Beast - Live Action Beast's Castle
Enchanted - Andalasia/New York City
The Princess and the Frog - the Louisianan Town of Wishes and Voodoos
Lady and the Tramp - the World of Dogs
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride - Pridelands
Nier Automata - Ruined City