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Choose your 5 favorites minigames from Mario Party 1
Bombs Away
Balloon Burst
Box Mountain Mayhem
Bumper Balls
Buried Treasure
Cast Aways
Coin Block Blitz
Crazy Cutter
Face Lift
Grab Bag
Hammer Drop
Hot Bob-omb
Hot Rope Jump
Mario Bandstand
Musical Mushroom
Platform Peril
Mushroom Mix-Up
Running of the Bulb
Shy Guy Says
Skateboard Scamper
Slot Car Derby
Tipsy Tourney
Treasure Divers
Bash 'n' Cash
Bowl Over
Coin Block Bash
Coin Shower Flower
Crane Game
Paddle Battle
Pipe Maze
Piranha's Pursuit
Tightrope Treachery
Tug o' War
Bobseld Run
Deep Sea Divers
Desert Dash
Handcar Havoc
Ghost Guess
Ground Pound
Knock Block Tower
Limbo Dance
Memory Match
Pedal Power
Shell Game
Slot Machine
Teetering Towers
Bumper Ball Maze