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Blue Helix - Anti Social Butterfly
Didi - Awkward
Jack Rose - Are you Gonna Stay
The Buddz - Crazy
The Internal Frontier - Ghost Town Underground
Kings Harem - Down By The Riverside
Kairos - Bigger Cities
Jagged - Breaking Point
The Grand Masquerade - By My Side
The Puss Puss Band - Fall Back Down
Chris Watkins - Spruce Island Chapel
Tolbert Toz - Always
Ghostly Beard - The Love In Your Eyes
Excorde - True
McKnight - New Style
The Kendall Connection - Staring Back At Me
Silent Theory - Fragile Minds
DRead Pirate Roberts - New England
The Rich and Famous - Blast Off
Sombre Moon - Blurred Reality
Matto Rules - Dive
Stone Blind State - Don't Hate Me
House - IT
Matt Mercer - It'll Pass
Erin at Eleven - Only Myself To Blame
imp - Pull Me Over
Pet Project - Recovery Mode
Raspin Stuwart - Reelin
System Slave - Road Less Travelled On
White Noise Owl - Something
Tamanie - Stand Up
Silverland - Stardust
It's Natural - Phantom of the Mind
Rayne - The Great Burden
Dandelion Charm - The Spark
Runabay - Too Soon
Replicant Theory - What Lies Beneath
Why - The Comeback
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