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Who will be next to go Back to the Nuzlocke?
Nibbles the Rattata
Flutterby the Butterfree
Lieutenant Jack (Lt. Jack) the Spearow
Boots the Meowth
Caesar the Mankey
Sandra the Sandslash
Snoozie the Drowzee
Timothy Nigel Thomas (T.N.T) the Electrode
Max the Venusaur
Doug the Dugtrio
Astro the Starmie
Hadron the Magneton
Sam the Ekans
DoctorWho the Hoothoot
Buddy the Bayleef
Egon the Slowbro
Onion the Bellossom
Drake the Dragonair
Acanthite the Skarmory
Abby the Alakazam
Jam the Tentacruel
Tremors the Steelix
Nevermore the Murkrow
Gustavo the Lombre
Jay the Dustox
Shiitake the Shroomish
Sparky the Electrike
Glint the Sableye
Mumble the Loudred
LoafLoaf the Azumarill
Nimbus the Altaria
Beauty the Milotic
Neo the Shiftry