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What is the best performance of Cave in 2009?
Sep 4th, Teignmouth Den
Sep 5th, Teignmouth Den
Sep 7th, Berlin Admiralspalast
Sep 8th, Paris Theatre du Chatelet
Oct 22nd, Helsinki Hartwall Areena
Oct 24th, Stockholm Hovet
Oct 26th, Copenhagen Parken
Oct 28th, Hamburg Color Line Arena
Oct 31st, Lievin Stade Couvert Regional
Nov 1st, Amneville Galaxie Mega Hall
Nov 5th, Liverpool Echo Arena
Nov 13th, London O2 Arena
Nov 17th, Paris Bercy
Nov 21st, Reno Futurshow Station
Nov 25th, Toulouse Zenith
Dec 2nd, Dijon Zenith