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Hamsa Short Film Festival 2018
Hey There !!
 Everything you need to do is vote to your favourite movie below.

Hamsa Short Film Festvial 2018

HSFF000 Niruktha
HSFF0001 Color Pencil
HSFF0002 Black
HSFF0003 Jalela
HSFF0004 Aathma
HSFF0005 Happy In-dependent Day
HSFF0006 L O C ( Life On Controll )
HSFF0009 kasadaru
HSFF0010 Nooraralli ondu Kathe
HSFF0012 Chanakya
HSFF0013 Never Step Back
HSFF0014 namma baavuta namma hemme
HSFF0015 Shrestaru
HSFF0016 Sakkare Nidde
HSFF0017 Jayashali Makkalu
HSFF0018 Vidaaya (2018) | Kannada Short Movie
HSFF0019 Antahkarana
HSFF0020 Happy Man
HSFF0021 Vismrutha
HSFF0022 Oru tea sollatuma sir
HSFF0023 Nirantara
HSFF0024 Fakirana Nambi Punithnaade
HSFF0025 May-13
HSFF0026 Prema Purana
HSFF0027 Flower
HSFF0028 Paristithi
HSFF0029 Beppnanmaga
HSFF0031 Gandiva
HSFF0032 Rayya Rayya
HSFF0033 Present Prapancha
HSFF0034 Meru nanu pelli chesukuntara?
HSFF0035 Choclate
HSFF0036 Purave
HSFF0037 Abhaya Hasta
HSFF0038 Muktha
HSFF0039 Candel Light
HSFF0040 Ulisi
HSFF0041 Shantam Papam
HSFF0042 Dhooma
HSFF0043 Vaishnava Janatho
HSFF0044 Neeru
HSFF0045 Shrvya Suli
HSFF0046 Bhavuta
HSFF0047 Shadows
HSFF0048 Be the Change
HSFF0049 I am in you
HSFF0050 Life of 90s Kids
HSFF0051 Government Job verses private job
HSFF0052 Astha
HSFF0053 Cuckoo
HSFF0054 Binacular
HSFF0055 The Most Useful
HSFF0056 Saajna
HSFF0057 Virama
HSFF0058 First Look
HSFF0059 Mansion House
HSFF0060 Sur-real Estate
HSFF0061 Naan Dhaan Alien
HSFF0062 Birthday Boy
HSFF0063 Bennigelliya KaNNu (or uncover)
HSFF0064 Cocoon : Let's live together's foster program
HSFF0065 Headmaster Vamanrao
HSFF0066 Belaku Tanda Makalu
HSFF0067 Muka Guru
HSFF0068 Self Made
HSFF069 -------
HSFF0071 IPL Mahatme
HSFF0073 Budhivantha Daddaru
HSFF0074 O Positive
HSFF0075 Nava Belaku
HSFF0076 Soul Mate
HSFF0077 Life Andre Hegairbeku
HSFF0078 Keli Premigale
HSFF0081 Nivedane
HSFF0082 Be Positive
HSFF0083 The Guardian
HSFF0084 Paschyatapa
HSFF0085 Anju
HSFF0086 Kaala Rudra
HSFF0087 Live or Alive
HSFF0088 Poornanda
HSFF0090 Idhe Sathya
HSFF0091 Nasam
HSFF0093 Kroori
HSFF0094 The Mirage Of Love
HSFF0095 First Look
HSFF0096 Soilder
HSFF0097 Raithana Marga
HSFF0098 Mouna Matadisi
HSFF0099 Nalku Mukha (4 Mukha)
HSFF0100 Paasam
HSFF0101 Vilaivugal
HSFF0102 Yekam
HSFF0103 The 7th
HSFF0104 Define
HSFF0105 #Media Two
HSFF0106 Mannina Maga
HSFF0107 Saniha
HSFF0108 Shankarabarana
HSFF0109 An Introduction To Falun Gong
HSFF0110 A Path Back Home
HSFF0111 A Way to The Heart
HSFF0112 A Secret Code to Eternal Happiness !
HSFF0113 Muppu
HSFF0114 Prathibimba


4386 Votes in 961 days
Created 29th October 2018 - 8:23 PM

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