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As seems to be a trend, I got in trouble again this weekend. Miss Kristina has been coaching me on orgasm denial recently, and on Saturday during some interesting play, I had an "accident". It was only 5 days since my last orgasm on Miss Kristina says that was way too soon. Even though I will be expected to edge daily, I will of course be denied an orgasm again for awhile. Miss Kristina said he hasn't decided on how long. Since, as Miss Kristina puts it I "think very highly of you", she thought it might be fun to let you decide. Since my record is 9 days, Miss Kristina says I should be deprived atleast that long. But how long do you think I should be denied an orgasm? 10 days? 2 weeks? How long do you think Dickie should be denied an orgasm?
10 days
2 weeks
3 weeks (+)