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Best M/M Romance
Gold Series (Jae Jordan)
A Spartan Love (Kayla Jameth)
Colorado Series (Sarah York)
Him (Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen)
Obsession (Steve Genis)
Fated for Forever (Alanea Alder)
Hard to be Good (Laura Kaye)
Snow: A Quinn Brothers Story (Casey Clipper)
Temptation series (Ella Frank)
Unlike Any Other (Claudia Burgoa)
Up-Ending Tad (Kora Knight)
Ethan (Nicole Edwards)
Always (Kindle Alexander)
Black Balled (Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir)
Boystown (Jake Biondi)
Dilemmas (A.K. Michaels)
Love Is (Cassandra P Lewis)
Sawyer (A.D. Ellis)
The Klockwerk Kraken (Aidee Ladnier)
Whatever This Is (Piper Peters)
Yours All Along (Roni Loren)
Hercules 12 Labors (Cree Storm)
Let It Go (Mercy Celeste)
Angel Falling (Audrey Carlan)
Curve Ball (Sloan Johnson)
Falling For You (Ann Lister)
Love You Senseless (Susan MacNicol)
Suffocate (Xavier Neal)
Try (Ella Frank)