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ISSA USA Female Traditional Country Artist of the Month
Amie Scheitel
Angela Norris White
Angie Senger
Audra Matthews
Bailey Rae Hull
Beverly Holliman
Brooksie Wells
Candy Carpenter
Christine Hoskins
Christine Varner
Connie Kelly
Courtney Peveler
Dawn Anita Plumlee
Deb Murphy
Debbie Lynn
Debra Poirier
Della Allsup-Shaffer
Emily Flanagan
Erica Fultz
Holly Olm
Hollyann Arnold
Jennifer Wasser
Joan Singleton
Kaitlin Jewell
Katrina Lynn Whetsel
Kelli Lewis
Kimma Phillips
Krista Goldsmith
Kriz Rogers
Laura Wines
Lisa Allen
Lucinda Hightshoe
Lynette Wolfe
Michelle Storm
Miya Gentry
Phoebe White
Ramona Diane Hunley
Rochelle MacArthur
Sandy Paramore
Sara Collins
Shawn Stone
Sheri Lynn
Sherry Florence
Stacey Farris
Susan Rose
Tara Brock
Tiffany Spires
Tina Gibson
Trisha Sharp