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WRHI 75th Anniversary Team (Choose as many as you want, players are listed alphabetically by position)
Bill Beaty-Rock Hill High
Stephon Gilmore-South Pointe High
Jimmy Laughridge-Rock Hill High
Gage Moloney-Northwestern High
Ernest "Chester" McCarter-York High
Thomas Pilcher-Winthrop Training School
Derek Ross-Northwestern High
Mason Rudolph-Northwestern High
Greg Ruff-South Pointe High
Stan Spears-Clover High
Rob Wallace-Clover High
Rogan Wells-Fort Mill High
Justin Worley-Northwestern High
Jerry "Catfish" Adams-Clover
Lawrence Brown-Rock Hill High
Ray Carpenter-Rock Hill High
Bobby Carroll-York High
Jackson Chappell-South Pointe High
Clint Crocker-Rock Hill High
Robert "Rocky" Dubard-Northwestern High
Sammy Fewell-Winthrop Training School
Raymond Head-Rock Hill High
Rod Joseph-Northwestern High
Jay Killen-York High
Zack Lester-Clover High
Dewey Marshall-Winthrop Training School
Melvin McCalister-York High
Beau Nunn-York High
Lamarick Simpson-Rock Hill High
Thomas Slaughter-Northwestern High
Sean Swoope-Rock Hill High
Broadus Thomasson-Rock Hill High
Roland Barefoot-Lancaster High
Lamont Hall-Clover High
Lyndon Lewis-Lancaster High
Wayne Neely-York High
Connie Wade-Rock Hill High
Asa Watson-Rock Hill High
Benjamin Watson-Northwestern High
Ger-Cari Caldwell-Northwestern High
Montay Crockett-South Pointe High
Josh Davis-York High
Steven Gilmore Jr-South Pointe High
Ronnie Gordon-Rock Hill High
Tori Gurley-Rock Hill High
Jamario Holley-Northwestern High
Anthony Johnson-South Pointe High
Robert Joseph-Northwestern High
Jaylin Lane-Clover High
Eddie Morton-York High
Cordarelle Patterson-Northwestern High
Jaleel Scott-Rock Hill High
Randy Smith-Fort Mill High
Doug Bennett-York High
Bobby Brunson-Rock Hill High
Jeff Burris-Northwestern High
Frank Carothers-Rock Hill High
Chris "Pokey" Cobb-Clover High
Tony Dixon-Fort Mill High
Bill Estes-Rock Hill High
Dee Feaster-Northwestern High
Buck George-Rock Hill High
Jimmy Grant-Rock Hill High
Leon Hope-York High
Earl Jackson-Rock Hill High
Morris "Marty" Long-Northwestern High
Leonard "Cookie" Massey-Northwestern High
Hugh "Mustang" Mauldin-Rock Hill High
Ronnie McGill-Clover High
Tracey McGriff-Lancaster High
Bill "Mule Train" McQuirt-Lancaster High
Bill Nies-Rock Hill High
Damon Poage-Rock Hill High
Russell Smith-Rock Hill High
Dwight Sterling-Rock Hill High
Bobby Tinker-Rock Hill High
Curtis Waters-Rock Hill High
Tony Watkins-Rock Hill High
Arkee Whitlock-Rock Hill High
Rontarious Aldridge-South Pointe High
Josh Beasley-Northwestern High
Chris Bouyer-Northwestern High
Bill Corley-Rock Hill High
Gerald Dixon Jr-Northwestern High
Gerald G. Dixon-South Pointe High
Gerald "Big G" Dixon-Rock Hill High
Kenneth Hefney-Northwestern High
Traevon Hinton-Northwestern High
Mitchell Jeter-Rock Hill High
Steve Mellon-Northwestern High
Randy Nunn-Rock Hill High
Kirk Oglesby-Rock Hill High
Steve Parsley-Rock Hill High
Fred Rawlinson-Rock Hill High
Zeek Rodney-South Pointe High
Hal Saverance-Rock Hill High
Tyrone Simpson-Northwestern High
Bill Tarrer-Rock Hill High
Vance Walker-Fort Mill High
Eli Adams-South Pointe High
Butch Ashley-York High
Ricky Brown-Rock Hill High
Roderick Byers-Northwestern High
Jadeveon Clowney-South Pointe High
Skip Dunham-Rock Hill High
Doug Herlong-Rock Hill High
Lamont Hicks-Rock Hill High
Jim Pope-Rock Hill High
Logan Rudolph-Northwestern High
Steve Boyd-York High
Donkay Degraffenried-Rock Hill High
Ernest Dixon-Fort Mill High
David Erby-Rock Hill High
Michael Grase-Rock Hill High
Kendrick Hicks-Rock Hill High
Marco Hutchinson-Northwestern High
Tim Jones-Rock Hill High
Cody Lucas-York High
Josh Massey-South Pointe High
Ray McCloud-Northwestern High
Reubyn Walker-Northwestern High
Curtis Wilmore-Northwestern High
Phillip Adams-Rock Hill High
CJ Barber-Northwestern High
Pat Burris-Northwestern High
Terrell Davis-Rock Hill High
Tyliek Edwards-Rock Hill High
Anquan Gist-Northwestern High
Miguel Graham-Rock Hill High
Tay Hicklin-South Pointe High
DeVonte Holloman-South Pointe High
Chris Hope-Rock Hill High
Anthony Jackson-Rock Hill High
Johnathan Joseph-Northwestern High
Jaylen Mahoney-South Pointe High
Jonathan Meeks-Rock Hill High
Corey Neely-South Pointe High
Rickey Parks-Lancaster High
Rick Sanford-Northwestern High
Corey Seargent-Northwestern High
Curtis Shelley-Rock Hill High
Ko Simpson-Rock Hill High
Shawn Sterling-Rock Hill High
Shawn Woodard-Northwestern High
Benji Young-Northwestern High
Clifford Boyd-Fort Mill High
Don Farrell-Rock Hill High
Bill Few-Rock Hill High
Dupree Hart-Northwestern High
Jonathan Hefney-Rock Hill High
Derion Kendrick-South Pointe High
Jimmy Kiser-Northwestern High
Mike Maners-Northwestern HIgh
Hank Tuipalotu-Nation Ford High
Dedric Wise-Northwestern High
Landon Ard-South Pointe High
Will Brice-Lancaster High
Skyler DeLong-Nation Ford High
Spencer Lanning-York High
BT Potter-South Pointe High
Nic Sciba-Clover High