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First listen to the Independent Corner Shows from the Winter Season (January 4th - March 7th) and then vote for your favorite artists & bands here.  If you can't find who you want to vote for on this poll, click on any of the links below to take you to one of the previous polls and vote there:
Artists & Bands Played on February 8th, 2020 (2020 Winter Top 20 Countdown Voting)
Chrissy Blazier & The Get Go's - Built To Last
Kayla Grace - Drama Queen
D'LuXE - Dancing In The Rain
The New Realm - Blueberry Wine
Craftplay - Vacation
We Don't Mind Chaos - Nothing Can Slow Us Down
Kelly Richey - I Wanna Run
Ivory Tower Project - Ring Around Rosie
Jennifer Fletcher and The Reckoning - Beautiful Games
Little Grace - Silence
Gina Zavalis - In Your Eyes
Ame' - 8 At Night
David Martinez - What You Need
Samantha Ray - Fountain of Love
Ashley Wineland - She's Gone
Penelope Darling - Love Myself
F.H.O.D - I Surrender
Chyna Nicole - Take Me To The Moon
Linda Marks - Light Up The Love
Emma Sidney - This Just Gets Better
Analog Digital Disorder - Nothing Left
Sharon Lia - Why Can't We Pretend
Jangling Sparrows - Eyes of a Stranger
LW - Extraordinary
Thomas Claxton Maybe I'm Crazy
Bonedog - Desert Storm
Mix - 2 Much Whine
Diane Van Laethem - Something Between
Zero UK - Six 0 Clock
Heren Wolf - I Gave You Flowers
Pocket In Red - Free Again
Arivmia - Fear Of the Book
Luca Vinter - It's Time To Go
Shelly Quarmby - Change
Diana Kelly - Pitchin' Or Catchin'
Hadrion's Union - Extra Extra
Ages - Behind The Face
Jennifer Rose - Galaxy
Flakjacket - Can't Stop The Rain
The Plastic Revolution - Swimming Away
Jacki Wheeler - Space Arcade