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Performance BMW Car of the Year 2019
Tommy Munro - 1000hp F10 M5
Tony Adzhemyan - Turbo M20 2002
Cory Rowan - S55 E30 M3
Mario Kassamani - Supercharged E90 M3
Rob Goodwin - E28 525e
Andreas Blanksvärd - 1014whp Twincharged E36
Viktor Örtegren - 700hp F82 M4
Dave Smith - Wide-arch 2002
Kevin Love - Supercharged wide-body E36 M3
Nicky Dimitrov - S50 E30 M3
Dan Lewis - 675hp supercharged E60 M5
Daniel Vasquez - S54 E46 M3 Touring
Mark Brown - Club Sport E30 M3
George Zhao - 630whp wide-body F10 M5
Paul Emmerson - 640hp Supercharged E92 M3
Matt Daul - 446hp Carbon wide-body F87 M2
Antreas Sykopetritis - 523whp supercharged E46 M3
Conor Auld - E34 525i
Steve Grove - Time Attack E36 M3
Christian Alajukuri - 470hp Turbo E30 318i Touring
@m3hngry - 940whp turbo E46 M3
Erkka Hämäläinen - 500hp Turbo E30
Wendell Willkom - 550whp supercharged E90 M3
Jari Kihlman - 850hp turbo S38 E9
Ricky Nguyen - 1005whp F82 M4
Lassi Räikkönen - 504hp turbo E36