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JukeBox Top 25 Year End Countdown 2019
Adam Gregory - Running
Amanda Rose - Little Girl's Dream
Andy Pursell Band - Living In The Salt Life
Arlene Quinn - Jackpot
Austin Hopkins - Right Now
Avery Blank - Not Over
Brian Jacobs - On A Roll
Brian Jacobs - Guitar Lady
Cam Lakes - Heaven For A Day
Carrie Scrimgeour - Bigger Than Me
Chris Moreau - Goin To Texas
Colin Clyne - Doin' Fine
Creatures of Clay - Lay It Down
Dan Badger - Free Falling In Love
Darrell Armstrong - A Little South of Nowhere
Dirt Road Diary - Lets Get Gone
Elaine Palmer - Blackened Heart
Good Will Remedy - Caroline
Gulf Stream Riders - End of The Line
Gulf Stream Riders - Caroline
James Lee Baker - The First Time
Jennie Penny - Move On
Jessie Lynn - What Happens In the Country
Jet Black Motorcade - Wearing Out A Dream
Jimmy Parker - I've Been Good (I've Been Bad)
Jordan Stoner - All Night Long
Kate Campbell - Talkin' Country
Kelsey Bovey - Define Me
Kevin West - Best of Mine
Matt Westin - Stomp On
Mercy Shine - Curves
Moonlit Road - Drive
Patrick Stafford - Beer In The Fridge
Rich McKinney - Redneck Women
Richard Lynch - Keyboard Cowboy
Ronan Gallagher - Cannot Find My Feet
Scott DeCarlo - Share The Morning Light
Separate Charm - Me Time
Shane Larmand - Diamond Spine
Steel Ivory - Rose' All Day
Stephen B Lawrence - Don't Feel Like Home
Steven Chivers - That Smile
The Moonlit Road - Carefree Days
The Prairie Dogs - Me & You
Tim Johnson - Gone
Warren Friesen - Someone Should Tell Her
Wayne Stewart - Back When
Wildfire - Billboard Sign
William Whitehead - Country Girl
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