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Fic Dive of the Month May/June 2018
Afterthought by Myra921 05/25/2018
Cracking Cullen by Mylisssa 06/06/2018
Day We Met, The by TheCreamBucket 05/18/2018
How to Fade by somethingblue22 05/25/2018
Lonely Neighbor by Anarchy.For.Her.Chaos 05/03/2018
Riptide by lavenderlemondrop 05/18/2018
Royal Mistake, A by TrickeyTricky 06/21/2018
Safe Bet, The by Fyrebyrd 05/08/2018
Smoke and Mirrors by Evelyn Mae 06/21/2018
So Much Time by MissLiss15 05/08/2018
TMD by Ninkita 06/06/2018
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by 2brown-eyes 06/28/2018
Wildest Dreams by WitchyVampireGirl 05/25/2018
Wreckage by Connoisseur97 05/08/2018