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What should the next Desi-Run jam theme be?
CORPSE PARTY draw their character as though it were a murder scene. (Optional, add hints to a culprit on Void)
Gamer's Showdown: Draw their character in anything video game related. A style challenge, etcetera
Gacha Gacha: Draw their character as a ULTRA RARE/5 star card from games SUCH AS FIRE EMBLEM HEROES, LOVE LIVE, UTAPRI, BANDOORI, ETCETERA
Pickup Line Burst: Y'know those pics with the from, and to tag, that have a fictional character and a cheesy line attached? You know what to do.
Magical Girl Teamup: Draw a Magical Girl/Boy team with your characters and their characters!
Fashion Contraption: For fashion-y fun, design fashion for your giftee's charas. Any will do!
Please Specify: