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Music Mafia Radio Top 30
500 Miles To Memphis- Broken Busted Bloody
A Sunday Fire- Coast to Coast
Adam Jensen- Drugs
Adam Stern- Don't Text Me
Adam Strelow- Cocaine
All The Locals- Neighborhood Kids
American Beauties- Gone Gone
Andi Kezh- On Your Own
Ashley Bean Band- My Kind of Ride
Ashley Kemeny- Dorothy Ann
Ashley North- Something You Need
Awaken To Remember- Poison In The Water
Bad Reed- Wooden Blue
Banana Blonde- Good
Barley Station- Younger Summer Memories
Ben Phan & The Soul Symphony- Circular Dream
Bill Miller Band- Sugar Sweet
Billy Green- Sweet Lady
Black Cadillac Kings- Riding To St. Louis
Black Water Greed- Crude Awakening
Blue Helix- Anodyne
Braggarts- Speed of Sound
Brandon Maddox- Livin' on Sunshine
Broken Romeo- Something Good
Broken Valor- Scream
Buckshot- Run Around
Cat Beach- These Hands
Charlie Millikin- Change Me
Charlie Weaver Band- Follow Me Down
Chase Walker Band- Coming Clean
Chris Daniels & The Kings- Funky To The Bone
Chris Watkins & Drunk Poets- Cheerleader In Love
Chris Weaver Band- Travelin' On
Christina Custode- Fire
Ciera MacKenzie- Summertime and Lemonade
Citizen Shade- Olivia Wilde
Cliff Wheeler Band- Lone Gone
Codie Prevost- Someday
Color Out- Anything But Everything
Color Theory- Ponytail Girl
Colossal Boss- Next Day Blues
Constellations- Grown On
Conway Seavey- Perfect
Courtney Cooper- Baby Blue
Courtney Dickinson- Young Forever
Daisy O'Connor- Ophelia
Darling Valley- Moonshine
David Starr- Edge of The World
Don Haddock- Pretty Lady
Drew Erwin- Tennessee and Me
Drew Jacobs- Kiss Me
Ducky Medlock- Drinking Side Of Country
Ducoh- Eastside
Eric & The Soo- Just Let It Go
Erin McLendon- You're The Only One
F.C. Westcott- We Time
Eva & The Perrin Fontanas- Breath of Fresh Air
Falling Into Red- Haunt Me
Flowers In Syrup-Dreams
Fred Chandler- Punkass Funkass
Full Trunk- Time For Us To Move
Garrett Walker- All The Above
Ghostly Beard- Limitless
Grady Lark- Travelin" Blues
Graves Crossing- Iron Lung
Guy Paul Thibault- Saturday Night
Heath McVane- Saving You
Hegarty- I Only Dream In Black and White
High Tropics- Better Days
Impending Reflections- Dead Black Roses
Jacob Needham And The Blue Trees- Next Words You Say
Jake Nelson- Grew Up Home
Ivory Tower Project- Please Tell Me
Jason Wells- Don't Look Down
Jefferson Coker Band- Freedom
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers- Looking For A Home
Jess Weimer- Won't Follow You Down
Jode Gannon- Little Honey
John Dartnell- Crazy Little Town
John Garza Band- Four Letter Word
John Tracy- The Shallow Game
Jonnie Morgan Band- Walk Around The Sun
JT Hayden- Big Time Country Star
Juke Johnson- No Regrets
Kenny George Band- Sad Country Songs
Kickstand Jenny- Death Trap
Kill For Eden- Love You So
Kim Smith- Smith & Brown
Kirstie Lovelady- Weeds
Kylie Nicole- Hurricane
Maddi Tripp- Be Nice
Made Of Eyes- Feel Alive
Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs- This Side of Paradise
Mark Cantwil- Pride In This Name
Matt Maloof- Make It
Matt Mercer- In Time
Mikalyn Hay- Fade Away
Mitch Hayes- All My Heros
Morgan- Alone
Morgan's Road- Turn It's Back On You
My Apollo- Epiphany
Nashville Non Prophets- Knights to Come
Near Deaf Experience- The Sun Comes Up
Neil And Adam- Everything Is Alright
No Politics- Two Sides
Pam Taylor- Make You Mine
Paul "Doctor Paul" Constantine- I'm Comin' Home Carolina
Pray For Sound- They Gave Up Looking
Prettier Than Matt- Heaven Forbid
Puzzlecuts- Like A Human Being
Radio Drive- Never
Rayburn Brothers Band- Hole In My Heart
Red Light Effect- Phosphorus
Rich Stephenson- Secret
Rob Drabkin- Love Ends, Fear Begins
Runabay- Too Soon
Seven Story Fall- Lost In Time
Ships Have Sailed- If Only
Slumlord Radio- Bullwhip
Star Captains- Born Brave
Stonegrey- Love My Enemy
Swampbox- Free
Sycamore Bones- Just You and I
Tamanie Dove- Venom
Taste Like Chicken- Empty Promises
Taylor Cromer And The Delta- Dead Man Walking
Texas Original Southern Music- Firewater
The Bloody Jug Band- Dorothy Gale
The Crags- Moving On
The Cyberiam- Cool Kids
The Grand Masquerade- I Get This Feeling
The Grizzled Mighty- Need You Tonight
The Lately- Hard Enough
The Modern Hearts- Show Me Love
The Puss Puss Band- Feline Fine
The Falcon Circle- I'm Coming Home
The Weathered Road- I Will
The Wildwoods- Wars
The Williamsboy- A Million and One What Ifs
Three Left- Stand Up
Tia McGraff- Crazy Beautiful
Tramp Iron Railroad- In The Wind
Trapdoor Social- Sunshine
Whiskey Kate- Devil Song
Whiskey N' Rye- A Storm Is A Comin'
Who Shot Lizzy- When She Looks In The Mirror
Zack Walther Band- The Fight
Zak Sloan- Porcelain
Zuzu Welsh Band- Name Of The Game
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