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Which was the first rock n roll song?
1929 Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Pinetop Smith)
1938 Roll 'em Pete (Big Joe Turner and Pete Johnson)
1938 That's All (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
1938 Boogie Woogie Stomp (Albert Ammons)
1944 Strange Things Happening Everyday (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
1944 Rock Me Mama (Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup)
1945 Let's Have a Ball (Champion Jack Dupree)
1945 7th Street Boogie (Ivory Joe Hunter)
1945 Guitar Boogie (Arthur Smith and the Crackerjacks)
1945 Caldonia (Louis Jordan)
1946 That's Alright (Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup)
1946 Down the Road Apiece (Amos Milburn)
1947 Let Me Play with Your Poodle (Lightnin' Hopkins)
1947 Rock the Joint (Jimmy Preston)
1947 Big Fat Mama (Roy Milton)
1947 Drinkin Wine Spo-Dee-O-dee (Stick McGhee)
1947 Rockin' All Day (Jimmy McCrackin)
1948 Good Rockin' Tonight (Wynonie Harris)
1948 Boogie Chillen (John Lee Hooker)
1948 Muddy Jumps One (Muddy Waters)
1948 Hole in the Wall Tonight (Albinia Jones)
1949 The Fat Man (Fats Domino)
1949 Saturday Night Fish Fry (Louis Jordan)
1949 Rock awhile (Goree Carter)
1950 Strollin' with Bone (T-Bone Walker)