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What is the best performance of Cave in 1999?
Feb 17th, BBC Evening Session
Feb 28th, Reading University
Apr 10th, London Astoria
May 17th, Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
Jul 12th, Paris New Morning
Aug 3rd, KCRW Morning Eclectic
Aug 7th, Haldern Pop Festival
Aug 14th, La Route du Rock Festival
Aug 21st, Bizarre Festival
Oct 6th, Bristol HMV
Nov 6th, Paris Cigale
Nov 7th, Nantes Olympic
Nov 9th, Toulouse Bikini
Nov 10th, Paris Oui FM
Nov 10th, Paris MCM Cafe
Nov 16th, Paris Bercy
Dec 18th, Dusseldorf Philipshalle
Dec 19th, Munich Babylon