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What is the best performance of Cave in 2000?
Jan 6th, Amsterdam Paradiso
Jan 7th, Brussels Botanique
Jan 11th, Paris Elysee Montmartre
Jan 13th, Marseille Espace Julien
Jan 14th, Bordeaux Krakatoa
Jan 30th, Leipzig Haus Auensee
Jan 31st, London Astoria
Feb 8th, Munich Colosseum
Feb 13th, Bristol Fleece & Firkin
Feb 21st, Manchester Academy
Mar 7th, Melbourne ABC Studios
Mar 31st, Columbus Big Room
Apr 20th, New York Brownies
May 16th, Lille Aeronef
May 17th, Strasbourg Laiterie
May 22nd, Munich Elserhalle
May 23rd, Stuttgart Rohre
May 25th, Grenoble Summum
May 26th, Clermont Cooperative de Mai
Jun 6th, London Astoria
Jun 7th, London Astoria
Jun 10th, Rock Im Park Festival
Jun 12th, Pinkpop Festival
Jun 16th, Heineken Jammin Festival
Jun 25th, Glastonbury Festival
Jun 28th Maubeuge Luna
Jul 2nd, Roskilde Festival
Jul 7th, Eurockeennes Festival
Jul 8th, Solidays Festival
Jul 19th, Chateau-Arnoux Amphitheatre
Jul 22nd, Summer Rock Festival
Jul 27th, Six-Fours-les-Plages
Jul 28th, Lyon Nuits de Fourviere
Jul 29th, Paleo Festival
Aug 5th, Summer Sonic Festival
Aug 6th, Summer Sonic Festival
Aug 18th, Bizarre Festival
Aug 23rd, Ilha do Ermal
Sep 1st, Two Days a Week Festival
Sep 3rd, Independent Days Festival
Oct 12th, Osaka Bayside Jenny
Oct 14th, Tokyo Blitz
Oct 15th, Tokyo Club Quattro
Oct 20th, Melbourne Palace
Nov 3rd, Malmo Kulturbolaget
FFWD Live acoustic performance