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Utah TNG - Party Orientation Quiz

What is your legal full name? (So we know you really took the quiz)
What does SSC stand for? (Pick 3)
What differentiates RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) from SSC?
SSC is for newbies, RACK is for serious players.
SSC emphasizes Safety and Sanity, which are subjective. RACK acknowledges this and substitutes "risk-awareness" on the part of all participants.
SSC and RACK are essentially the same thing, with different wording.
What is Consent?
When someone agrees to do something
Fully informed, enthusiastic agreement to an activity
Not saying "No"
When is it okay to withdraw consent? (Pick all that apply)
Before play begins
When your limits are exceeded
When you stumble across a new trigger
When you're just not feeling it anymore
When something creeps you out
At any time
Which of the following means "Yes" during negotiations?
Synonyms for yes!
I'm not sure...
Maybe later?
True or False: It's acceptable to pressure someone until they say "yes" to a BDSM activity or sex.
Why is it important to have a safeword?
It's not. Safewords are optional
Sometimes things go wrong quickly, and players cannot prepare for all possible scenarios in a scene; a clear, unambiguous signal
It's only important if you're newer to BDSM - experienced players with well-established relationships don't need safewords
Screaming "Purple monkey dishwasher" at the top of your lungs in the dungeon is funny
What are good examples of a non-verbal safeword? (Pick 2)
Squeaky toy
Stuffed animal
Hand signal
Eye contact
Who can I share the party location with?
My best friend
My family
My boyfriend/girlfriend
People you are sponsoring or attending the party with
Law enforcement
What should I do if I see a scene I'm uncomfortable with or offended by?
Interrupt the scene and ask the players to stop
Ask a DM/party host to stop the scene
Exit the room/situation. Talk with your sponsor, a friend, or DM
Leave the party and bitch about it on social media
What types of play are *NOT* allowed at TNG parties?
Blood play
Heavy impact play
If a DM makes a decision I don't like, what are my options?
Ignore the call and keep playing
Stop playing, but continue to debate the decision until they see reason
Comply with the DM's request, and raise the issue with the event host later
Complain to the event host and request that they overrule the DM
What are DMs responsible for? (Pick 3)
Maintaining safety
Finding play partners
Enforcing playspace rules
Answering questions
Cleaning up after scenes
Providing forgotten materials/equipment
What is Utah TNG's policy on drugs/alcohol?
Know your limits and stay within them
Alcohol is fine (BYOB) - no illegal drugs
No alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind
Party on!
What items do I need to bring to be admitted to a TNG party?
Current government-issued photo ID
Toy bag
Student ID
Cash donation
Street-legal outer clothing
Credit card
True or False: Pro Dom/Sub and other professional services are prohibited at TNG parties.
What should I do if there is an urgent non-emergency? (Pick all that apply)
Calm down
Contact a DM or Organizer
Shout for help
Blog about it
In the event of an actual medical emergency, I should (Pick all that apply)
If it's minor, get a DM/event organizer
If it's major, call 911 first then notify a DM/organizer
Perform first aid (if qualified)
Scream loudly
What should I do if emergency personnel (Fire, police, or medical) show up at the party? (Pick all that apply)
Keep playing
Get dressed
Keep my ID with me
Hide the dildos!
Slip out the back door
Arm myself with a riding crop and hole up in a closet
Stop playing
Any comments you'd like to send us?
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