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Chapter 1 PRACTICE for QUIZ #6

Which is NOT TRUE about fossils?
They can show when something lived
They are always bones
They can show a link between organisms
They can show how organisms changed
This is showing fossils
This is showing embryology
This is showing homologous parts
This is showing vestigial parts
Fossils are studies by which type of biologist?
developmental biologist
evolutionary biologist
physical anthropologist
Which one below is showing homologous parts?
Body parts which have lost all or most of their original in a species through evolution, like the leg bones that still can be found in a whale, are called
embryological parts
homologous parts
vestigial structures
analogous parts
You can tell the age of fossils by how deep it is in the strata and...
radioactive carboning
carbonic acid dating
vestigial structuring
radio carbon dating
Which statement is FALSE about embryology?
animals look alike as they start to develop
looking alike when developing shows organism are all related
embryology is evidence of evolution
humans do not have a tail and gill slits when we first develop
Which biologists study human evolution by studying bones such as Lucy?
developmental biologist
physical anthropologist
evolutionary biologists
We have vestigial parts because....
they sometimes just show up
we cannot live without them
it shows we used to once need that part in our ancestor
all animals have the same parts
What makes each living thing different is
how many cells they have
how much adenine (A) they have
the order of the DNA chemicals ATCG
the amount of carbon in their bodies
Parts that look and similar in different organisms
homologous parts
vestigial structures
fossilized structurings
All of the following are vestigial parts in humans EXCEPT
wisdom teeth
arm and leg bones
Which statement below is NOT TRUE
Looking alike when we develop show we are related
Having matches in the DNA show we are related
There is only 2 things that prove evolution and that we are related
Having similar parts/bones show that we are related
Which type of biologist study things like this
physical anthropologists
developmental biologists
evolutionary biologists
What percent alike are the two organism's DNA?
4 out of 5 = 80%
2 out of 3 = 67%
2 out of 5 = 40%
5 out of 10 = 50%
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