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Are you ready to be a puppy parent?

When does a dog move on from puppyhood and become an adult?
2-3 Months
4-5 Months
6-7 Months
1 Year
How should you respond when your puppy goes to the bathroom in an unwanted place?
Firmly tell your dog “No!” and point to the mess immediately after she does her business
Rub your dog's nose in it's mess, this will train her quickly because the scent of herself will deter her from going in the house again
Clean it up, saying nothing, and reward her when she goes in the correct place next time. It is ultimately your fault she went in the house
Immediately put her in her crate and make her watch you clean it up
How long is the bladder capacity of a 3 month old dog?
1 hour
2 hours
4 hours
30 minutes
A pup's crate size should ideally be....
Twice the size of the pup to give her ample play room
Just big enough for the pup to turn around in, otherwise she is likely to go to the bathroom in it
As small as possible, puppies need cozy spaces to feel secure
True or False: You should primarily feed your pup from a dog bowl.
True: The routine of eating from a bowl trains the dog to be more patient before meals.
False: feeding your dog by handfeeding and stuffed chew toys help stimulate your pup and ultimately reduce bad behavior.
True or False: While the pup is young, it is vital you give her as much attention as you can
True: Frequent handling prevents future problems and shapes your pup into a cuddly one. Bonding with the pup in this way is important to establish a positive relationship with her.
False: you should only reward your dog with affection if she is behaving well. If you smother her with too much affection she will miss you and have anxiety while you are away.
A puppy is most likely to urinate...
After drinking and eating
As soon as you come home
Within a minute or two of waking up
How should you handle it when your pup is crying for your attention?
Put her in your lap and pet her immediately
Pay her no mind and when she stops whining award her with affection
Say “Shhh!” so she learns that word means you want her to be quiet
Shut her in a room on her own so she learns to be independent
If your pup struggles while being hugged you should....
Let go and reward her with a treat when she calms down
Let her go right away because if you touch her in unwanted ways, she will learn to dislike affection
Squeeze her so it is slightly painful and say “No!”
Hold her tightly and don't let go till she calms down, she must learn struggling won't help her get her way.
Your pooch is old enough for puppy classes when she is...
3 months
1 month
6 months
1 year
To ensure thorough socialization, how many people should your pup reach before adolescence?
50 people, including 10 kids
300 people, including 20 kids
200 people, but no kids because you do not want to scare the pup at such a vulnerable age
Your dog should only get to know people when it is an adolescent and has had some proper training under her belt
On a walk, ideally when should your dog go to the bathroom?
Throughout the walk, frequent urination shows the pup is confident in her rank among her humans
At the end of the walk so she learns to go to the bathroom when she wants to go back inside
Before the walk so she doesn't learn going to the bathroom is the end of her walk and can go on demand in the future. The walk serves as her reward for going potty.
Whenever she wants to!
Scolding your dog by using phrases like “No!” and “Bad Dog” should be done....
Only if she does something really bad like chew your shoes
Never, you should only use positive reinforcement with your pup and never punishment
Whenever she does something wrong
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